quick ‘n easy chocolate slice

I make this for my family nearly every week and have done for years. Yet it is still the most requested item in my baking repertoire… and its not even baked!

2 packets plain biscuits

1/4 cup cocoa

125 grams butter

1 can condensed milk

200 grams choc melts

Place biscuits in food processor and process until crumbly. Not too fine, leave some small chunks for texture. Add cocoa.

Place butter in a microwave safe jug. Add condensed milk and warm in microwave until runny.

Mix wet and dry ingredients together and press into lined 20 x 30 cm sponge roll tin.

Soften chocolate in clean, dry bowl either in microwave or over boiling water. Spread over the biscuit mixture.

When set, cut into pieces.


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